Services of FAIRWIND SHIPMANAGEMENT LTD (FWSM) cover all aspects of the Marine Field namely:

  • Ship Management
  • Crewing
  • Insurance
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Consultancy and Inspections
  • Ship Security Services
  • Dry docking
  • Repair Team

Our clients can choose anyone of the above Services.

We give special attention to ship crewing and can provide crews of various nationalities such as: Russians, Latvians, Ukrainians, Spanish etc.

The crew nationality will be in compliance with the vessel's flag, trading area and the Owners' specific requirements.

The crew recruiting is done by our local agents and crewing agencies (Odessa, Novorossiysk, Riga, Saint Petersburg, Las Palmas etc), giving owners specially selected and suitable crew.

In addition we arrange for crew training ashore and onboard.

In view of the variety and different types of ships under our Management, we can furnish experienced first class crew for all types of vessels.

Technical Services

  • Provision of technical maintenance and support services as may be necessary to maintain safe, reliable and efficient operation of the Vessel.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with federal, state, local agencies and classification society as applicable to the Vessel.
  • Arrange and supervise all maintenance, repairs, alterations or update including the dry-docking, wet-docking, lay-up and regular refurbishment of the Vessel.
  • Appoint surveyors and technical consultants as necessary.
  • Arrange and supervise all necessary modifications or other changes to the Vessel to ensure continued compliance with all applicable governing bodies.
  • Coordinate procurement of technical spares and stores.
  • Implementation of safety and quality procedures.

Provide solutions to operational challenges.

Crew Management

  • Selection and recruitment of crew
  • Crew training
  • Crew travel
  • Crew claims management
  • Rotation planning
  • Crew wages administration and payroll
  • Career development

Safety, Quality, Security and Environmental Protection

  • Maintain and develop ISM and ISPS manuals in compliance with the ISM and ISPS codes
  • Monitor developments in regulations, equipment, safety training and any other matters that may affect operation
  • Conduct internal audits, preparing audit reports and ensuring that appropriate corrective actions are implemented for any deficiencies identified, and report audit findings to senior management
  • Maintain records of non-conformance reports submitted by the Vessel and office staff and verify that appropriate corrective action identified and implemented in a timely manner
  • Monitor technical and operational aspects of health & hygiene aboard the Vessel, co-coordinating the implementation of any corrective actions and promulgating information and instructions to other departments
  • Prepare and control Owners’/Managers’ emergency and disaster recovery plan.
  • Exercise regularly the emergency plans with vessels and owners.
  • 7 day / 24 hour emergency support.


  • Ensure that the Vessel is supplied with authorized stores and spares, and supplies in due time and at minimum achievable cost, while consistent with required quality.
  • Implement a proper purchase requisition system in order to obtain quotations and prepare summaries for the Vessel Operation Manager's approval
  • Place orders after selection of supplier
  • Inform all parties concerning deliveries and effect economical deliveries
  • Manage the progress of orders to delivery on board, ensuring the quality and quantity of items is verified and resolving any discrepancies with suppliers
  • Receive, verify and authorize payments of invoices without delay
  • Ensure full use is made of the FWSM existing contracts and rates when placing orders
  • Ensure that inventories are properly maintained onboard
  • The vessel is assumed to be structurally sound and in good overall trading condition at time of delivery
  • The vessel is assumed to be adequately stocked with deck / engine / cabin stores at delivery
  • It is assumed the maintenance of the main and auxiliary machinery will be fully up to date at delivery

Managers Electronic Planned Maintenance system is not included and would entail a modest setting up cost if required.

Safety and risk

  • It is assumed that the vessel will be progressed through RMRS or Lloyds ISM accreditation

We have made allowance for Ship’s Security Audit, in accordance with ISPS requirements

General expenses

  • Registration expenses cover incidental expenses incurred in registering the vessels, and does not allow for any annual tonnage dues payable.
  • Travelling & Administration expenses cover the cost of:
    • Communication/postage/stationery costs incurred both ashore and afloat which is attributable to the vessels. Communication costs account Charterers are excluded, as these costs are recovered directly from Charterers.
    • Computer system support and software comprising of comprehensive computerized information package relating to the function and management of the vessel. This provides full integration between the ship, Owner and Manager.

Other shore service: representation expenses, which are incidental port expenses and agent's expenses, account owners.

Accounting and Cost Control

  • Preparation of an operating budget in conjunction with the relevant departments.
  • Provision of cost control reports as outlined below:
  • A monthly variance analysis, comments and quarterly year end re-forecast

Annual statement of expenses, cost, variance analysis at the end of each year

Insurance (Optional)

  • Placement of H&M and P&I Insurance
  • Claims handling of H&M claims